What’s the difference between a partner, a subcontractor, a 3rd party provider and an ASP?

If your business provides services and invoices Ausgrid directly, or you work on multiple Ausgrid sites and invoice both directly and indirectly, you are a partner. If your business does not invoice Ausgrid directly, you are a subcontractor. As a subcontractor, you must adhere to the safety management system of your principal contractor at all times when performing works at Ausgrid.

Partners will only register workers directly employed by them. Please visit the partners & subcontractors page for instructions to register.

Please visit the 3rd Party Provider page for instructions to register.

Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) complete contestable work for Ausgrid – any work to design, construct or install assets that connect a customer’s installation to the Ausgrid electricity network, including work on or near the network. Click to follow the instructions to register as an Ausgrid ASP.