Stage 1: Business Registration for ASP Company Authorisation (click to expand)

Step 1 > Create a user name and password to register your business

The Ausgrid ASP Authorisation Management System can be found by clicking the REGISTER BUSINESS FOR ASP COMPANY REGISTRATION button below:

Start by entering a user name of your choosing, plus your email address and a password. You’ll be emailed confirmation.

Step 2 > Register business details

Using your new details, login to the system.

You may now follow the process to register your company details by answering profile questions and selecting the documents you must supply to support your registration.

Step 3 > Upload documents for verification

You will be prompted to upload copies of the documents selected for verification. You’ll be emailed when your documents are verified, or informed of any corrections needed to finalise business registration. Documents may include:

    • Professional Indemnity Insurance (Level 1 ASPs only)
    • Bank Guarantee (Level 1 ASPs only)
    • Department of Planning and Environment Company Accreditation Letter

Step 4 > Attend company authorisation meeting

If you are applying for an initial ASP company authorisation, you must attend an in-person meeting with Ausgrid. This meeting will provide your company with information for working safely on or near Ausgrid’s network, Ausgrid procedures and processes relevant to your work, and allow you to ask questions regarding ASP authorisation and compliance.