STAGE 1: Business Registration (click to expand)

Step 1 > Create a user name and password to register your business

The Ausgrid Partners Safety Management System can be found by clicking the REGISTER BUSINESS button below:

Start by entering a user name of your choosing, plus your email address and a password. You’ll be emailed confirmation.

Step 2 > Register business details

Using your new details, login to the APSMS.

You may now follow the process to register your company details by answering the profiling questions and selecting the insurances and licences you can supply to support your registration. The information you enter here will determine your category and therefore, the cost of your registration.

Step 3 > Pay for registration based on category

You will now be categorised using the information you have provided. The cost depends on your category and the complexity of validating your business. Registration is valid for three years with a $150 + GST annual account renewal fee.

Category High Risk: $700 + GST

Category Medium Risk: $500 + GST 

Category Low Risk (4801 or equivalent): $300 + GST

Subcontractor: $0.00

Step 4 > Upload documents for verification

You will finally be prompted to upload copies of the licences and insurances you selected earlier in the process for verification. You’ll be emailed when your documents are verified, or informed of any corrections needed to finalise business registration. Documents may include but are not limited to:

-Public and Product Liability insurance of $50M for any one occurrence

-Workers Compensation Insurance for Australian companies who pay more than $7,500 in wages

-Professional Indemnity if prompted

If applicable, other forms, insurance, or licences such as:

– High Risk Licences

– Accreditation Documents such as ISO 9001

– Safety Management System certifications

– Evidence of your Safety Management System

Please note: Subcontractors will not be required to upload any supporting documentation.

To complete your registration, you will be sent login details to register workers and book their inductions. Please click to expand those instructions below.